At you will find more than 2000 searchable articles on education research. The website is freely available to anyone who needs to keep up-to-date on research in the field of education.

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We in the Union of Education Norway have taken the job for you collects and republishes research articles and articles about research. We cover the entire education sector; kindergarten, school and higher education. The goal is for teachers and other employees to find research relevant to their everyday needs and to promote research that strengthens the quality of kindergartens, schools and higher education. The website will help to strengthen the knowledge base for the staff in kindergartens, schools and higher education, and is unique in its breadth both in the fields of disciplines and academic areas it covers.

Professionals in the education sector have a working day in which their practical knowledge align with their research-based education. The autonomy of the profession is based on a rofesional practice incorporating both research and experience. The challenge is to navigate in a research landscape that is increasingly complex and comprehensive. Employees in the education sector are experiencing increasing demands for professional updating and anchoring of research practices. Surveys show that this is a welcomed development, but availability has been a challenge. takes that need seriously. Our site has a logical structure that is perceived as intuitive to maneuver in. Users can create user profiles where they can store articles in their own library, subscribe to topics they are particularly interested in, and favourite articles that they consider particularly relevant and useful.

The website will promote a fair and free information and opinion dissemination. It will show the breadth of current research that reflects the needs of its readers, both in content and research methodology.

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