Employees in kindergartens and schools have an everyday life where their professional autonomy is balanced between the experience based knowldge and the use of research within their field of study. This website, which is run by Union of Education Norway, presents relevant research across disciplines and places of learning.

At Utdanningsforskning.no, visitors will find relevant research. We collect research from, and links to, research resources that fall under our four priority research areas:

  • Research on children, young people and adult learning
  • Research on professional development
  • Research on management systems
  • Research on teachers' workplaces

Editorial principles

The website shall be an arena for a practice-based and knowledge-based dissemination of relevant research and practice and shall reflect the breadth of research both with regards to thematics and methodology.

Utdanningsforskning.no (Educationsresearch.no) shall through comprehensive research communication promote professional development in the education sector.

The website should strive for an editorial practice that makes it clear what is the dissemination of research results, what is the site's own opinions and what are other contributors' opinions and assessments.

The website bases its values ​​and basic views on Union of Education Norway's mission statement:

  • Union of Education Norway is a party political independent union for educational staff within all educational levels.
  • Union of Education Norway shall safeguard the interests of its members when it comes to pay, pension and working conditions, and when it comes to professional and educational policy issues.
  • Union of Education Norway shall work to ensure that children, adolescents and adults receive qualitatively good education, and that education must have a central role in society.

(Articles of Union of Education Norway § 2)

Educationresearch.no's sources and interviewees must be reproduced correctly and therefore the sources have the right to know how they are rendered and in what context. The website should promote factual and free information and public opinion.

An editorial board with representatives from the Union of Education Norway's secretariat has been established to ensure that these editorial principles are followed. The editorial board is to monitor compliance with the research ethics practice and that the editorial treatment of current research has a breadth that reflects the members' needs.

The website's editor and editorial board follow the media's purpose regulations and work according to the goals and ambitions that follow Union of Education Norway's research policy.